Wipe &Reload

Why is my computer running so slow? There are many reasons why your computer may have slowed down. It could be infected with a Virus, it could have too many unwanted programs installed, or it could have a corruption in Windows causing it to run slowly. In many of these cases, the best fix is to perform a wipe and reload.

This service is offered by Digital Cowboy Computers at a flat rate fee of $60 for no data saved or $80 with data saved. We quote a turnaround time of 3 business days.

What is included in my Wipe & Reload?

  • removal

    During a wipe and reload, your computer is taken back to factory settings.

    Basically, we remove all the buildup of unwanted items on your computer, making it run more efficiently.

  • update

    We perform a full update to your system.

    Including your antivirus, computer drivers, Microsoft updates and patches.

  • install*

    We Install the following software to help keep your computer system running at peak performance.

    Spybot Search and Destroy
    Malware Bytes
    Super AntiSpyware

*Please note: when performing a wipe and reload all software that has been added to your computer since it was purchased will need to be reinstalled. For a small fee, we can reload your additional programs. Please make sure to provide the technician with this software and the product key codes.