Digtial Cowboy Computers Services

  • Computer Troubleshooting

    · Computer won't start?

    · Printer not printing?

    · Can't access your hard drive?

    · Strange errors causing problems?

    · Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/2007 Support

  • Data Backup and Recovery

    · Create backup solutions

    · Provide support for backup procedures

    · Install proper hardware for backup tasks

    · Recovery of critical data from backup solutions

    · Quickly get your system running

  • Build Special Systems:

    · Game Machines

    · Cad Machines

    · Servers

  • Systems Upgrades

    · Determine necessary equipment to perform upgrades

    · Purchase and install equipment

    · Test and verify operations

  • New Systems Purchase Consultation

    · Determine appropriate PC for you

    · Purchase and setup

    · Installation of software and hardware

  • Wireless Network Setup and Support

    · Complete wireless network design and installation

    · Integration into existing wired network

    · Wireless network troubleshooting

  • Spyware Protection and Removal

    · Eliminate pop-up ads

    · Speed up your computer

    · Discover and remove existing spyware infections

    · Install anti-spyware software

    · Provide instruction on how to use the software

  • Virus Protection and Removal

    · Provide and install virus scanning software

    · Recovery from virus related disasters

    · Virus disaster prevention techniques

    · Support for all Windows operation systems

  • Computer Maintenance

    · Temporary file management

    · Hard drive maintenance

    · Dust clean out services

    · Windows Updates management

  • Internet Setup and Installation

    · Contact and arrange ISP for customer

    · Configure local PC's for Internet

    · Multiple PC Internet access solutions available (network required)