Computer Repair

Your computer isn't working properly (or you get that dreaded 'blue' screen) or you need hardware or software installed.

Performing this service in our shop costs you $60. This service can take up to 3 workdays. We do all of the below for this one low price at our store.

  • troubleshoot

    When we 'do' a Standard Benchwork service

    Troubleshoot system issues.

    We perform hardware tests (power supply, hard drive, memory).

    Troubleshoot hardware issues.

  • update

    Device drivers are updated.

    Update all patches and security updates from Microsoft

    Install software and hardware.

  • install

    We Install the following software

    The latest version of which is a Microsoft Office like program including a spreadsheet, word processor, database and presentation applications.

    Anti-malware, Spybot and Avast-Free Virus protection software is added to your computer.